A brief history…

The International Physicists’ Tournament was born in Ukraine in 2009 as a continuation of a long tradition of physics competitions in USSR. It brought together 16 teams from the leading universities of Ukraine and neighboring countries. The two first editions of the tournament took place at Kiev University, and the third and fourth editions occured at Moscow Institute of Technology in Russia. In 2013, the tournament moved west, to Switzerland where the fifth and sixth editions took place at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The seventh edition, in 2015 was held at the University of Warsaw, in Poland. The eight edition, in 2016, took place in Paris, France. Most recently, the ninth edition took place in 2017 at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Over the years, more and more countries took part in this event. In 2017 the tournament brought together fifteen countries (one up on 2016!): Brazil, China, Colombia, Coatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia,  Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States of America and Venezuala.

YearEdition #Host Country (City)# Registered Teams# Participating Teams# Countries*GoldSilverBronzeProblemsWebsite
20091Flag_of_Ukraine.svg Ukraine (Kiev)442Flag_of_Russia.svg RussiaFlag_of_Ukraine.svg Ukraine- (in Russian) (in Russian)
20102Flag_of_Ukraine.svg Ukraine (Kiev)442Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Russia.svg Russia- (in Russian) (in Russian)
20113Flag_of_Russia.svg Russia (Moscow)886Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Russia.svg RussiaFlag_of_Slovakia.svg Slovakia (in Russian) (in Russian)
20124Flag_of_Russia.svg Russia (Moscow)664Flag_of_Russia.svg RussiaFlag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Switzerland.svg Switzerland (in Russian)
20135Flag_of_Switzerland.svg Switzerland (Lausanne)101010Flag_of_Switzerland.svg SwitzerlandFlag_of_Poland.svg PolandFlag_of_France.svg France
20146Flag_of_Switzerland.svg Switzerland (Lausanne)999Flag_of_France.svg FranceFlag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Denmark.svg Denmark
20157Flag_of_Poland.svg Poland (Warsaw)111111Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Denmark.svg DenmarkFlag_of_France.svg France
20168Flag_of_France.svg France (Paris)161514Flag_of_France.svg FranceFlag_of_Poland.svg PolandFlag_of_Russia.svg Russia
20179Flag_of_Sweden.svg Sweden (Gothenburg)201815Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UkraineFlag_of_Sweden.svg SwedenFlag_of_France.svg France

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