Official Rules

Official Rules

The IPT is regulated by the following document: IPT Rules.

Frequent questions

If you have questions about the rules of IPT, please check out our FAQ. If your question remains unanswered, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Who can participate?

One team per country (except in special cases):

  • 6 Bachelor or Master students per team (no Ph.D. students)
  • 1-2 team leaders for each team to also participate as jury members
  • and additional “guests” that can cheer for their teams and experience IPT

How much does it cost?

Each team has to pay a participation fee of EUR 1100.-. This covers the accommodation, catering during the tournament, transportation around the city, and all activities related to the tournament for a team of up to 6 students and for up to 2 accompanying persons (team leader and/or jury member). For any additional participants, an additional fee must be paid by the sending university or the participants to cover their accommodation and living costs. The cost of each additional guest for the 2019 edition will be EUR 400. The travel costs from and to the tournament have to be paid by the teams.


Ethics statement

With the ethos of this tournament, which is in part to make science accessible to all at a young age and to members of the public, we believe it is great to have intermediary events, such as domestic tournaments, go on. It is encouraged these be as open as possible for these members of society to see. Considering the openness and timing of these events before the final tournament and also with some works going onto impact-wielding scientific publications. We would like to remind teams, especially team members and team leaders that they should maintain scientific integrity, as is expected amongst academic staff when attending conferences and seeing unpublished works, etc. We stress the importance of bearing in mind positive scientific ethics when participating in the tournament as a spectator or as a participant. In case of potential plagiarism, we remind you that there are rules in place in this tournament to tackle plagiarism/intellectual theft and we advise that issues be brought to us first should they arise.

Branding Guidelines

Our designers and promoters use the IPT Branding Guidelines, which can be found here.

The IPT respects all institutions and companies’ branding rules
during the process of designing every year’s edition materials.
Therefore, we kindly ask our partners as well as Local Organizing Committees
to follow the IPT Branding Guidelines.

The main color palette in the IPT Branding Guidelines can be found here.