Registration for IPT 2024 is closed.

The deadline to register was December 20th, 2023.

To register you should contact your IOC representative, and let them know you wish to participate. If you don’t have an IOC representative, then you should contact us directly via

Constitution of the teams

A team consists of at least 4 and at most 6 participants and two team leaders. Participants can only be bachelor or master students, and the team leaders can only be Ph.D. students, postdocs, or professors (unless they participated in the past).

We do not admit high school students to the tournament, they can participate in IYPT instead.


First-time Registration

If the country that hosts your university has not yet participated in the IPT, you can form a team and directly contact us via

If more than one team applies in a country without a representative, the Executive Committee takes the responsibility of organizing a national selection. The teams must complete a written report outlining the solution to one problem selected from three problems that will be taken from the official list selected by the IOC. The teams have 4 weeks after the registration deadline to send their written report (subject to change depending on the preselection deadline). Each team is free to enclose their experimental material and to cite it properly in the report.


The tournament will be held in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. The fees are 1100 Swiss francs per team.


For the IPT2024 the LOC has defined a 21-teams limit. In case the number of registered teams is higher, the preselection rules are applied. Find more information about the preselection for the tournament on the dedicated page.