Did you enjoy your IPT experience? Why stop now?! Join the Executive Committee!

The IPT is a great formative experience not only for its participants but also for its organizers! Most of the ExeCom is indeed composed of students and PhDs who aim to put their skills to good use by helping the IPT develop more and more. Doing that, they also develop their soft skills which are fundamental for any career path, both in industry and research!

Most of the work is carried out remotely, e.g. using Gitlab or Slack, and if needed short online-meetups are organized via videoconferencing to sort out the most critical tasks. Each member of the organizing committee is free to choose a specific task to take care of and when to do so, based on their studying/working schedule.

The two main working groups are:

Organizing team (Execom)
The Execom is more focused on the international aspects of the IPT, such as managing our website, getting in touch with national representatives, publishing articles in physics journals and reaching out to the IPT fans via social media.
We are currently taking care of registering the tournament as a non-profit organization and the founding members will be the people within the Execom! 
After joining the first time you are free to check what are the many aspects that make the tournament possible and decide which one is the more suited for you! We are also looking forward to hearing all the brave new ideas about the IPT, that you have!

Software development team
There are many software revolving around the IPT organization, from the most hardcore IPT-Connect, our Django based web code which takes care of teams registration and score tracking during the tournament, to the IPT-Clock, a python graphical interface to keep track of the rounds, Matlab genetic algorithms to sort out the best distribution of teams and jurors, fight simulations and much more!
We are currently grouping them under the same Gitlab account so that to make the software development well organized and structured.
If you want to get some hands-on experience in the coding world this is your chance! You will soon learn how these skills are nowadays fundamental in any field of work.

Currently, IPT-Connect is also being used as a course project for students and you can earn credits for the time you put in it!

If you wish to join any of the two teams, get in touch with us at and prepare to become an active member of the team!