Solutions database

This database collects the solutions to problems of past editions that IPT participants have put so much effort into. After the end of the competition, you are still curious about how other teams solved your same problem? Or maybe you’re simply new to the IPT world and would like to see how a high-level presentation looks like? Well, this is the place for you! You will also have the possibility to ask questions concerning the problem in a stack overflow-like system and build up a stimulating discussion
(platform still under construction).

If you would like to add your team presentation(s) to the database, send them in a .pdf format to, specifying the name of each author(s) and its mail for future references*. In case the pdf format is no good for some reason, send it as it is specifying the problem.

2018 edition – Moscow

  1. Sound thermometer
  2. Static speaker
  3. Ink tree
  4. Origami launcher
  5. Fluidic Calculator
  6. Sonic black hole
  7. Half-life sparkles
  8. Candle lighting trick
  9. Screaming balloon
  10. Quaint jet
  11. Chalk on the water
  12. Particle detectors for dummies
  13. Egg white pearls
  14. Erratic raindrops
  15. High-speed CD
  16. Bubble light
  17. Balancing pebble

Captains’ fight problems (FPT 2018)

*the author will be notified at the mail address specified each time that someone asks a question concerning its problem. Only one reference address for problem is possible.