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The International Physicists’ Tournament is an extraordinary adventure, made by and for young, creative scientists that companies, start-ups and research laboratories are eager to hire. The IPT favors creative minds, the capacity for reflection and teamwork, which are indispensable ingredients for the modern scientific research and emerging economy, both built on the values that “make” the entrepreneur. The French Physical Society rejoices to see the eight edition of the IPT to take place in Paris.

To take part to the IPT is an audacious and rewarding dive into the world of scientific research and discovery within a friendly competition. The international dimension of the IPT is a tremendous amplifier that strengthen both self-confidence and trust in the group, but also the necessity to win the respect of different international formations.

Alain Fontaine, President of the French Physical Society








The IPT gathers students from all over the world who challenge their competences, improve their skills in science and technology and establish professional contacts. IPT is an extraordinary platform for revealing the true problem solvers that technology oriented enterprises and start-ups are looking to hire. A good education results not only in technical knowledge, but also creativity, the ability to discuss ideas and to work as a team. At the IPT, the young people experience all the phases of research: intensive literature searches, conversations with experts from research institutes and industry, development of theoretical models, computer simulations and testing by means of experimentation.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Ansermet, Director of the Physics Section of EPFL

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