Our sponsors

Past Organisers

Find below a list of some of the past organisers in our tournament’s history.

IPT 2018

The Tournament received main support from the Presidential Grant for the Civil Society Development

IPT 2017

Gothenburg Physics Centre
The Gothenburg Physics Centre coordinates cooperation between four departments: Physics, Earth and Space Sciences, Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers University of Technology, and Physics at Gothenburg University. This involves about 200 professors, 200 researchers with a PhD degree, 140 graduate students, and 550 undergraduate students.Our overreaching aim is to promote the subject of physics in Göteborg by a wide variety of initiatives.

Past partners

Below are some of our past partners. We thank them for helping us form an unforgettable experience!

IPT 2018

The Tournament was hosted and sponsored by MIPT

The Phystech Union helped to obtain the grant


ABBYY – general partner

IPT 2017

Svenska fysikersamfundet
The Swedish Physical Society was founded in 1920 by ”practitioners, benefactors and friends of the physical science”. The purpose of the Society is to promote physics research and its applications.The Society works to increase collaboration between physicists and the society at large, and aims to disseminate information concerning physics and physics education, e.g. by stimulating the interest in physics among the young.
Nationalkommittén för fysik
The Swedish National Committee for Pure and Applied Physics is a committee appointed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The committee, which currently is identical to the board of the Swedish Physical Society, aims to promote research and education in the physical sciences. The committee also works to encourage collaboration with other associated areas of science and acts as expert and advisor committee for universities and for the Academy.The committee represents Sweden in the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).
City of Gothenburg

Reasons to support the IPT

There are many reasons to support the IPT, here are some thoughts from senior faculty members about the IPT and why it is important.


The International Physicists’ Tournament is an extraordinary adventure, made by and for young, creative scientists that companies, start-ups and research laboratories are eager to hire. The IPT favors creative minds, the capacity for reflection and teamwork, which are indispensable ingredients for the modern scientific research and emerging economy, both built on the values that “make” the entrepreneur. The French Physical Society rejoices to see the eight edition of the IPT to take place in Paris.

To take part to the IPT is an audacious and rewarding dive into the world of scientific research and discovery within a friendly competition. The international dimension of the IPT is a tremendous amplifier that strengthen both self-confidence and trust in the group, but also the necessity to win the respect of different international formations.

Alain Fontaine, President of the French Physical Society 2014-2016