IPT 2018 Problems voting

The voting for IPT 2018 problems has now started. The members of the International Organizing Committee are in charge of gathering the votes of every interested people in their countries.

As usual, the voting is open to all interested people in each country. IOC members send the list to all the participants, team leaders, future participants, etc. and make some averaging.

Every country that has already participated in the IPT and is represented in the IOC has 100 points to distribute among all the problems. The country that is only willing to participate has 50 points in sum. Furthermore, in order to avoid unbalanced voting between countries, the maximum number of point per problem cannot exceed 20 points.

Finally, this year, a weighting depending on the number of persons who participated in the voting will be introduced to balance the voting between countries. 

If you are interested in participating in this vote, please get in touch with your IOC representative or directly with the problem selection committee if your country is not represented in the IPT yet.

The deadline for the votes collection is 31st July 23:59 UTC. Then the problems will be looked through and moderated by our the committee. Some problem conditions may be changed or even removed based on your comments.

We are looking forward to receiving your votes! 

IPT 2018 Problems voting